Blog Income

There are some things on this blog that generate revenue: ads, affiliate links, etc. I’ll try to keep them low key and unobtrusive.

When I do recommend a product or service it will always be something I personally use or believe in. I don’t want to encourage unnecessary consumption. And I don’t want you signing up for any service that isn’t tangibly beneficial for you.

After all, this site is largely about making good financial decisions and lowering your lifestyles negative impact on the world. It’s not about encouraging consumerism.

Since I’m already financially independent, earning additional money for my own purposes doesn’t really interest me. Sure, extra money wouldn’t hurt, but that’s not the motivation for writing this stuff. I already have enough, any more is just icing on the cake.

I’ll keep none of the profit this blog earns. For now I intend to use any money earned to help pay for sponsoring children’s educations in Nepal. By reading this site you are helping me pay for changing peoples lives in a significant way.

Thanks for reading!