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Huts are possibly the best thing about New Zealand. There are an incredible number of huts here, something like 900 of ’em that are available for public use. They are very cheap, or you can get an annual hut pass and they become ridiculously cheap. Some are tiny and only sleep two, others are massive mansions with multiple rooms that sleep dozens. Many are very comfortable with wood stoves, gas burners and running water, others are a bit more basic. Some could probably use a little attention, but they all provide a nice dry place to sleep at the very least. You …

Upper Moutere

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been staying at a small farm in Upper Moutere.  Two new goats were born, we named them Bert and Ernie. We name everything Bert or Ernie. We climbed Mt. Arthur and were pestered by two kea, the local alpine parrot. These things are probably the most inquisitive birds ever, though not nearly as cuddly as baby goats.     We get to pretend we are farmers. The owners of the farm went on vacation, so we have been taking care of things hoping nothing dies while on our watch. So far we’ve done ok …